Howard-Tilton Memorial Library 50th Anniversary


Memories from Students and Alumni

Melissa, class of 2017: Collectively, all of the hours I spent with Howie T. helped me get into veterinary thank you Howie T. for helping me reach my life-long dream!

Amelia, class of 2010: My husband and I met at the Latin American Library's book sale in 2008!

Graduate, class of 2014: I remember spending so much time here when I didn't have class with my friend and this is how we became closer she is now my bestfriend.

Graduate, class of 2012: I spent a lot of time in Howie-T as a student. Working on the computers when my laptop died, looking up books and writing notecards, living in fear of the frankly dangerous elevators (what building has elevators that keep moving after the doors open???), it was a big part of my tulane experience. Happy Birthday, Howie-T!

Student, class of 2021: At first I was intimidated by the library, second semester I finally tried it out. Now, I have my same spot on my favorite floor where I spend hours with my friends as we study. Thank you Howie T.

Student, class of 2019: During finals last year my friends and I took over a desk on the first floor of the library. We sat there for two weeks straight studying and sharing silly stories.

Tim, class of 2017:  I got my first library job at Howie T and it completely changed my career path in life (I learned how cool and important libraries can be, so thanks Howie!). I’ll also never forget my special spot on the fourth floor that overlooked the city and all the laughing/crying/studying I did with friends there!

Sarah, class of 2016: In 2013 when the new top floor of the library was under construction, a huge NOLA-sized thunderstorm descended on the library in the early hours of the morning and water started leaking through the roof. All Tulane students in the library at that late hour were desperately cramming for tests or writing mid-term papers. But when the call came over the speaker that "all hands were needed" on the top floor of the library to save the books from incoming rainwater, just about every soul in the building heeded the call. When we got to the top floor, there was already a foot of water on the floor, and everyone was completely drenched. We all waded in and made a human chain to pass piles of thousands of books to dry safety. I don't know how many tests were failed or papers were turned in late the next morning, but it was well worth it to save our beloved Howie T!

HTML Student employee in Interlibrary Loan, class of 2017: I got my first job working in Howard-Tilton and the women I worked with helped shape me to be a better student, Annie Leonard-Kemp was an amazing support system and a woman that made sure I was never too stressed out and that my work would get done.

    Amber, class of 2016: While cramming all night for exams, I took a nap in a blanket fort I made in between bookshelves.

    Ian, class of 2000: It was always a treat to visit the Hogan Jazz Archive on a break from studying, there was such a trove of treasures down there!  

    Roberto, class of 2015: It was my first year as a grad. Student in 2008 and I guess I was already exhausted from the work because before I knew it I was asleep. When I woke up, the library was closed and I had to call TUPD to open the building for me. Its not uncommon for grad. students to be library rats but getting locked in takes us one step further.

    Alice, class of 2002: The higher you went in the building, the more serious the studying. If I was "social studying" I would stop on the second floor. If it was crunch time "serious studying" I would climb to the Latin American Library on the 4th floor, where it was quieter and I preferred the art on the walls. I remember old-school vending in the basement where you could still buy an actual cup of coffee from a machine. A great procrastination and caffeination station.

Sejal, class of 2019: A friend and I were studying for our Univariate Statistics class on a Saturday night in the basement of Howie T. Both of us were sophomores and had just started going to the library for the first time that semester and as a result, we had no idea that the library closed early on the weekends. We ordered pizza and continued studying until maybe 2:15am, when we finally decided to head back to our respective dorms and sleep. As we got onto the first floor of the library, we were amazed, as we could see no one else in the library... [we] tried to leave the library. The doors were locked! Luckily, we had a close friend who was an RA, so we ended up calling him to ask for advice and he told us to call TUPD. We called them and within 10 minutes, a single police officer showed up to pry the doors open for us. We were laughing so hard with the cop that we ended up taking a picture with him in front of the library once we were freed, in hopes that we could send it to our Univariate Statistics professor and get some extra credit. Unfortunately, our professor loved the picture, but didn't give us extra credit and in the end, it was a hilarious experience that I'll never forget. Love you, Howie T!!

Student, class of 2020: When I took a creative writing class freshman year, I used to go up to the semi-secret 6th floor couches to write my poetry. There were often people taking naps or just relaxing on the comfy chairs, with the New Orleans skyline as a back-drop. I always felt inspired by the peaceful little nook, a sanctuary from all the stress that people felt cramming for tests and writing last-minute papers in the cubicles throughout the rest of the library. Even though I'm not doing as much writing these days, I still love to go up there and read a book when I have the time.

Bryn, class of 2017: I went to make a call in the back staircase closest to Freret St (this was when it was all under construction, if that explains anything) and when I went to return to my desk, all the doors were locked. On. Every. Floor. This was a Friday night at around 10pm. No one was near the doors so my banging went unheard. I had to call my friends and wait over an hour before anyone could come by and let me out.

Student, class of 2021: One of my first weeks here at Tulane I attended a silent disco at the library. Not only was it a fun activity to do with my new friends, but it also helped me get to know the library and the staff in an unintimidating way so that when it came time to study there I knew my way around.

Student, class of 2020: I fell asleep in the library, laying head down on a desk. I woke up several hours later, and packet my bag to go home. Little did I know that I had slept right on my notes, and some of the words had transferred to my forehead. I went downstairs and a guy I used to like said hi, then laughed and went “nice demand curve”. I only realized when I got home, and kicked myself for a whole week.

Bryn, class of 2017: I had a really big crush on a pre-med kid who had a certain spot he always liked to study in on the 3rd floor. I decided to become an academic that semester so I could “accidentally” bump into him there, and ended up with a 4.0 but no boyfriend.

Graduate, class of 2016: I turned 21 while studying for finals in Howie T and popped a bottle of Andre right then and there. Then promptly got kicked out by security.

Student, class of 2020: Howie T has been an integral part of my college experience. When my life gets busy and I can’t invest time in planned outings with my friends, i can always rely on Howie T to provide a space for my friends and I to have a fun and productive study experience. I love when we take breaks hanging in the basement or by Pjs! I have truly developed my friendship and made several inside jokes at Howie T. Thanks for all you do make the [library] a valuable place to have.

April 2018 -- Celebrating 80 years of the Howard, Tilton, and Newcomb libraries merger