Center for Library User Education

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The Center for Library User Education (CLUE) teaches students the skills, concepts, and habits of mind needed to find information, understand how it's produced and valued, and use it ethically to create new knowledge by focusing on two areas: library instruction taught in classroom settings and research assistance

Library instruction occurs in the CLUE classrooms, rooms 308 and 309 in the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library.  Instruction librarians also teach in other classrooms on campus. Research assistance happens at the library‚Äôs Research Help Desk, by email, phone, and chat, and in research appointments. Librarians from other departments also participate in providing these services. CLUE librarians make referrals to colleagues when appropriate.

A. Classroom Scheduling Procedures
B. Student Learning Outcomes, 2015
C. MOU - CLUE Classrooms
D. Library Instruction Assessment Plan 2015-2016

E. Library Instruction Program, 2016

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