Rights & Responsibilities


Standing committee.  Three elected members with at least one year’s experience in Howard-Tilton Memorial Library.  The Committee shall elect its own chair.  The committee may add temporary members to assist with specific projects, in consultation with the Library Department vice-chair.  Elected members shall serve two-year staggered terms.  


  1. Serve the interests of the members of the Library Department by studying librarians’ benefits and making recommendations concerning issues such as salaries, leave time, travel funds, and professional development.
  2. Review the status within the University of the members of the Library Department.
  3. Update the Library Department Handbook as necessary and make the most recent version available online.

Reporting Procedures

Shall report to the vice-chair/chair-elect on a regular basis.   Shall send a written report to the department membership 5 business days before each scheduled department meeting. 


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