Website Information

Howard-Tilton recently released a new website. You probably have some questions --

Why the need for a redesigned site?

People are increasingly viewing websites on mobile devices. The new website features a “responsive design” which allows for an optimal user experience on a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, and desktop computers with large monitors.

How has the website changed?
  • The main navigation structure has changed to provide clearer segmentation of information. The site’s main navigation consist of 4 main categories: Resources, Libraries & Departments, Services, and About.
  • We consolidated a lot of the information to provide quicker and easier access to content.
  • Menu Dropdowns are omitted and replaced with robust secondary pages. These pages provide uniform listings of information to allow users the ability to view a lot of information in one place. We also provide a Sitemap Navigation structure at the bottom of every page to allow direct access to most of the site’s pages.
Can I still view the old website?

The old site is no longer supported and will disappear after the Fall 2014 semester. Until then, you can access the old site at For a mapping of some of the links on the old home page to where they can be found on the new home page, please see this handout.

Leave feedback about the new website.

Please take a moment to leave feedback about the new design. Thank you.