Lost Book Definitions


Circulation Daytime Supervisor
This staff member will be responsible for printing and separating the various item records/reports and distributing them to the appropriate Lost Book Coordinator/Departmental Locate Clerk.

Lost Book Coordinator
Refers to the staff member in Reference Services who processes lost books.

Circulation Locate Clerk
This title refers to the Circulation staff member who is responsible for searching and processing locate cards.

Departmental Locate Clerk
This title refers to the staff member assigned to handling lost books for their collection area. Such as Latin American Library, Music, Math, Architecture and Special Collections.


Items not found in the stacks and reported to the Circulation desk or the special library collections (Music, Architecture, Latin American Library and Special Collections).

Lost - Library Applied
Items reported "missing" and are more than ninety days old.

Lost - System Applied
An overdue item charged to a patron that has reached more than sixty-seven days past due.


Workflow Overview

Patron reports item missing or item is overdue more than sixty-seven days past due

Circulation Daytime Supervisor - Discharges the lost item from the patron record, prints and forwards the item record .Circulation Locate Clerk/Departmental Locate Clerk Changes the status of the 'Missing' item to 'Lost - Library Applied', prints and forwards the item record.

Departmental Locate Clerk/Lost Book Coordinator - Receives the item record printout, creates a file of lost items, searches for replacement information in various sources, forwards this information to the subject bibliographer.

Subject Bibliographer - Receives the item record printout and replacement information for consideration, decides to replace, withdraw, or do out-of-print search, returns this information to the Departmental Locate Clerk/Lost Book Coordinator.

Departmental Locate Clerk/Lost Book Coordinator - Updates the file of lost items by indicating the subject bibliographer's decision,places a note on the item record in the Circulation module of Voyager indicating the decision, forwards all information to Cataloging.

Cataloging - Withdraws or suppresses item record, suppresses bibliographic record in Voyager,deletes OCLC holdings, forwards items that needs replacement.

Monographs Acquisitions - Orders replacement items in Voyager, charges replacement to Lost Book fund.

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