Program Support

Tulane University offers undergraduate and graduate courses through departments and programs (which are sometimes named centers). While departments have their own faculty and offer large numbers of courses on their own, the structure of programs varies widely. Most programs are interdisciplinary and cross-departmental, drawing participating faculty and their courses from a variety of departments. A few programs, however, offer relatively large numbers of courses independently.

Therefore, to organize collection support, programs with more than four courses independently listed in the catalog will, like departments, have their own policies and funds. (Not counted toward the four will be courses such as introductory level courses, independent study courses, special topics courses, and thesis seminars.)

Programs drawing their curriculum primarily from courses from a number of departments will be covered by the aggregate of those department policies and funds, and assigned to a department policy and Librarian for collection monitoring using the following criteria:

  • A program with few independent courses and a more or less permanent director will be assigned to the department in which the director resides.
  • A program with few independent courses and a rotating directorship will be linked to the department with the largest number of courses offered toward the program major.

Librarians managing the department policies and funds linked to programs act as a liaison to those programs and would be responsible for coordinating collection support for them.

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