Recent Exhibits

Once Upon a Canvas: Exploring Fairy Tale Illustrations from 1870-1942

A student-run exhibition of fairy tale illustrations from Tulane’s Special Collections and from the Amoss Collection, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library; in conjunction with the course “GERM 3670: Grimm Reckonings, The Development of the German Fairy Tale,” offered during the Spring semester 2013by the

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Early New Orleans Jazz Posters

The Early New Orleans Jazz Posters exhibit from the Hogan Jazz Archive offers a rare glimpse at music and society in New Orleans at the turn of the twentieth century. Through a series of posters advertising various social events, one can see firsthand the strong connection between the formation of Jazz and the Social

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Charlee LaChatte and Friends: Collecting Cats at Tulane

This exhibit is meant to explore and celebrate the cat collections at Tulane. While it may seem unusual to have such objects in university collections, it should not surprise us that artists and writers have responded to human interest in the subject. In the cases in this room you will find a selection of the books

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This online exhibit is sponsored by The Latin American Library (LAL) at Tulane University. In September 2013, Erika Diettes exhibited samples of her work in the LAL gallery in conjunction with the Library’s annual Open House. SHROUDS (Sudarios)is the result of multiple theoretical concerns, an infinity of technical

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People and Places

The photographs of Abbye A. Gorin 1937 to 2000

Music Illustrated: The Songbooks of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band

An exhibition featuring photographs of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band's songbooks and publications spanning the career of their founder and cornetist Dominic James "Nick" LaRocca.

The Free Southern Theater and the Black Arts Movement

Originating as a community theater group based in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1963, the Free Southern Theater (FST) became a cultural arm of the Civil Rights Movement. Upon moving to New Orleans in 1965, the FST became a major influence on Black Theater, both locally and nationally. As part of a community-wide celebration

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The Treasures of Tulane

Preserving Louisiana's Legacy Louisiana’s history is treasured for its richness, its drama, and for its lasting impact on American culture.From Iberville’s explorations to the Civil War, through the origins of Carnival and the pages of American literature, the Louisiana Research Collection (LaRC) is committed

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