Treasures of Tulane Images


Treasures of Tulane Images


Images gathered for an exhibit of some of the Louisiana Research Collection's most notable holdings.


2014 August 08


Samantha Bruner


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Items in the Treasures of Tulane Images Collection

During the War of 1812, Maunsel White fought alongside Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans and commanded a battalion of uniformed volunteer soldiers, the Louisiana Blues. White and Jackson became acquainted during their service together and…

By Telegraph from McDowell'sMay 9thvia Staunton, VA. Mrs. T.J. JacksonCare James B. IrvinYesterday God crownd our arms with success. The enemy is retreating. T. J. Jackson11/Collect 200

United States, October 5, 1789


It is with singular pleasure that I address you as Chief Justice of the supreme Court of the United States, for which office your commission is enclosed.

In nominating you for the important station which…

In 1681, King Charles II granted a large portion of his North American land to William Penn to establish a colony in what is now the state of Pennsylvania. In this letter which Penn sent to the king shortly after his arrival in the New World, he…

Shortly before the conclusion of the Civil War, members of the Louisiana state government who had remained loyal to the Union during the conflict, gathered and wrote a petition for the release of a Confederate prisoner of war, John Gauche. Gauche was…