Finding CDs with SearchAll

Step 1 - Enter your search terms.

Begin your search for Music at

Enter your search terms into the search box (it could be a title, performer, composer, genre, keyword, etc.) and click the magnifying glass.






Step 2 - Refine to just Sound Recordings.

SearchAll retrieves articles, transcripts, books, and anything else with your search term. To quickly retrieve a list of just CDs, use the Refinements on the left side of your screen to limit your results to Sound Recordings.

Hint - You may have to click "show more" at the bottom of the refinements list to see all your options.


Step 3 - Check availability and location.

The text in bold gives you some information about the location and availability.

  • If the text is in green, then it is available at the location and call number provided.
  • If it is in red, then the item is checked out from the provided location.
  • If it is in black, as in this example, then it is available from multiple locations.

When an item is available at multiple locations, click the Locations tab to get the call number and availability.

By opening the Details tab you can find more information about the recording, including who the performers were and a full track listing (table of contents).


Step 4 - Retrieve your recording!

Copy down the call number located in the locations tab and give it to a Music & Media Center staff member. We pull the item for you and check it out to you right there!


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