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 To see which pages on your site get the most visits, first click on the Contents menu item.

Then, under Site Content, select All Pages.

The top ten pages will be displayed, from most visited to least visited. To see more pages use the Show Rows selector in the bottom right.

 The pages are identified by their URL. The / (without a word next to it) refers to the site's home page.

 To find the visits to a particular page, use the page's URL that follows the For example, the URL of the "Jobs at Howard-Tilton" page is To find the number of visits to this page, enter about/jobs into the search box and click the Search button ( the magnifying glass icon).

Only the Jobs page information will display.

 To see all pages in a section, such as About, enter about/ into the search box.

Please note that the content displayed here only includes web pages that are under PDF files and links to external content must be found in a different area of Google Analytics. This will be covered in the External Links and PDFs tutorial.


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