Updating Your Home Page

 The items on your home page are called blocks in Drupal. Editing these is fundamentally the same as any other type of content, but they must be accessed differently.

To access the home page elements, go to Administer -- Site Building -- Blocks.

The Blocks page lists every block on the site. They are divided into areas of the screen. First we'll discuss the Sub Nav area.

The Sub Nav area is the part of the website directly below the Main Navigation Bar. It includes the Hours and Links sections.

You are able to edit the Hours section. To edit your site's hours, click on the Configure link.


Once you are on the Hours Configuration page, you can edit the content just like any other text on the site.

However, it is good practice to save a copy of the source code for any block you edit. To do this, click on the Switch to Plain Text Editor link.

You'll see the source code. Select and copy this text and save it in a text file in Notepad.

After making the necessary edits, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. DO NOT change any other settings!


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