Using Revisions When Editing Content

If you make a change to a page, then realize that something is very wrong, there's a quick fix you can use to revert the page to how it was before the change.

You should now see a Revisions tab at the top of every page that you have priviliges to edit.

The Revisions feature automatically saves a backup copy of any page you edit. To use this feature just click on the Revisions tab. You'll see a list of all revisions made to the page. One thing you'll see if which user made the last edit, in this case it's Jordana, the student worker in Web Services.

The key element is the Revert link. Click this link to remove the edits you just made and revert to the page as it was.


Once you have a lot of revisions that you're sure you won't need, your can click Delete to remove them.

When you make a change, you have the option of adding an explanatory note to describe what you changed and why.

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