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ultius says

by Melanie Knights (2017-03-07)

Like most liberals who follow the court, I have no interest in what Scalia, Alito or Thomas have to say on this issue. Scalia is a raging lunatic on the subject of homosexuality, so much so that one wonders where exactly all of this animus is coming from. Even the Catholic Church is more rational than Scalia on this issue. Alito and Thomas generally don't have much new to say on social issues.  
But Roberts is smart -- even those of us who are straight-up liberal Democrats know it -- and we appreciate the opportunity to debate (even from a distance) an intelligent opponent. Given his intelligence, it's hard to understand someone who would point to the Kalahari bushman, the Han Chinese and all of the other presumably ancient and primitive peoples who understand marriage. Marriage, historically, has always been an economic relationship in which women and their reproductive potential were exchanged between men. Even in the Middle Ages, romance and marriage were never to be found in the same sentence, poem, ballad or document, much less in the same relationship.  
Who do we think we are? Like experts from whom I buy college essays online, we're children of the Enlightenment, with all of the expectation of individual freedom that entails. And we're Americans, dammit. If he wants to go back to the ancient Chinese, he can find a right to concubinage in the Constitution. Until then, don't quote history if you have no knowledge of it.

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