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Visit Khe Lanh in Hue City

by Viet Nam (2017-01-08)

From downtown Hue City by motorcyclists southwest about 1 hour, I came up with the Cold slot to avoid the sun. Cold slot is a small waterfall, flowing water all year round, located in the reservoir area of Binh Dien hydropower - Huong Tra town - Hue province. Because the reservoir area is located in the management of Binh Dien hydropower plant should be here to ask for permission to defend the Binh Dien hydropower to be allowed into the reservoir area. Through the factory gate, continue to the foot plate and put the car hydropower, then sat boat to cool slot. After a 45-minute boat ride range, over which the two sides of the same message mountains and lakes, breathe the cool air stream with the scent of grass and trees, the distant Cold Khe appearance as a silk sheet drooping soft streambed.
At the base is the clear streams cascade, both sides are covered with moss boulders line the green. Right next to the foot of the waterfall, there are rather large stones, is smooth and scenic base great. Sitting on a rock near Khe cold, in the shadow of the forest, reaching each scooping handful of cool water from the flow of the slot on the face, a feeling of pleasure invaded my body. Peak high waterfall, overgrown grass, looking up I felt shield the sky are the source of the waterfall. Sun screening at two-piece strip down water from the waterfall, do add fresh green eyes shining. All make up the beautiful landscape like a dream. Enlist brilliant sunshine at the waterfall was not a cover, I recorded the xao beautiful pictures here, and friends held a picnic by the stream, modulate the air singing the same song melody of the mountains to save the beautiful memories of youth.

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