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essay typer data on journalism

by Lena Graham (2017-12-07)

According to the essay typer generator data, since 1992, nearly 900 journalists around the world have been murdered (892 to be exact). Not just killed. Murdered for doing their jobs. The woman in this story likely is the 28th this year. 
The Committee to Protect Journalists compiles the names from all media types in all countries, regardless of ideology, sortable by the beat they covered to whether they were freelance or on staff. 
Among the names of the murdered listed by the CPJ, you will find a multitude of reporters for the New York Times, like Daniel Pearl. There are representatives of the major American networks on that list. There are people who worked for the Washington Post on that list ... 
None of these journalists died in vain for publishers of "fake news." They died to bring back the truth for you. Their beats were politics (405 murdered), war and crime reporting, in that descending order and among others. They died to find and report the facts, because they believed the world absolutely needs the truth. They died for the real deal. 
Nowhere on that list is a reporter for Breitbart, World Net Daily, Infowars or even Fox News. They simply haven't put anyone's life on the line for the facts and the truth. And they sure as hell haven't earned the right to call the Post or the Times or NBC "fake news" or even lick the boots of journalists who sacrificed all on dangerous assignments for you. For you.

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