Occurrence of the Regular Urchin Eucidaris Tribuloides from the Tamiami Formation (Pliocene of Florida)

Craig W. Oyen, Roger W. Portell


The echinoids of the Pliocene Tamiami Formation of Florida are typically abundant, well-preserved, and reasonably well known. In a 1963 monograph, Kier listed nine species of echinoids from the Tamiami Formation. These were Arbacia crenulata Kier, 1963, Lytechinus variegatus plurituberculatus Kier, 1963, Clypeaster. crassus Kier, 1963, C. sunnilandensis Kier, 1963, Encope tamiamiensis Mansfield, 1932, E. michelini imperforata Kier, 1963, Mellita aclinensis Kier, 1963, Rhyncholampas evergladensis (Mansfield, 1932), and Echinocardium gothicum (Ravenel, 1848). Phelan (1972) eliminated previous confusion between E. michelini L. Agassiz, 1841, and E. aberrans Martens, 1867, and re-identified Kier's E. michelini imperforata as E. aberrans.

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