Notes on the Fauna of the Chipola Formation - XLI A Reexamination of Bursa (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Chipola Formation, with the Description of a New Species

Gary W. Schmelz


In 1973 Emily Vokes reviewed the genus Bursa in the Alum Bluff Group and identified Chipola Formation specimens collected from Tenmile Creek, Farley Creek, and the Chipola River as Bursa pelouatensis (Cossmann and Peyrot, 1923).  Although Bursa pelouatensis is a European species from the Aquitaine Basin of France, Vokes noted that the Chipola specimens and their French counterpart have similar spiral ornamentation and varices that are not aligned up the spire (1973, p. 97).  It was these characteristics that led her to conclude that both the Chipola and Aquitaine Basin specimens belong to the same species.

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