Bathysiphonid (Protista: Foraminiferida) Localities in Franciscan Flysch, Northern California, with a Redescription of Bathysiphon Aaltoi Miller, 1986

William Miller, III


Four bathysiphonid localities are described from the Late Jurassic to mid-Cretaceous Yolla Bolly terrane of northern coastal California:  Point Saint George near Crescent City (with abundant Bathysiphon aaltoi); Little Lost Man Creek near Orick (rare Bathysiphon sp.); Redwood Creek also near Orick (abundant B. cashmanae rare B. aaltoi); and Berry Summit east of Arcata (rare Bathysiphon sp. cf. B. aaltoi).  All occurrences are in fine-grained deepsea fan deposits containing trace fossils characteristic of the Nereites ichnofacies. A series of large, nearly complete tests approximately 100 mm in length from Point Saint George permits a more accurate and complete description of B. aaltoi.

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