Cenozoic Muricidae of the Western Atlantic Region. Part I - Murex sense stricto

Emily H. Vokes


A study of the marine gastropods of the subgenus Murex sensu stricto (type M. tribulus Linne) shows that in the fossil record of the western Atlantic region there are 19 species-groups referable to this subgenus. From the same area 15 Recent species are known, only four of which occur in the paleontological record. The oldest species definitely referable to this group appear in the lower Miocene with ten species of this age reported from localities extending from Florida to Brazil. Two subgroups may be recognized, one here termed the "Western Atlantic" subgroup, the other the "IndoPacific" subgroup. Both subgroups are present in the western Atlantic today, with the "Indo-Pacific" group generally inhabiting water less than 50 fathoms in depth, and the "Western Atlantic" group in the cooler water of somewhat greater depths.

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