A New Species of the Bivalve Genus Nucinella from the Eocene of Louisiana

Harold E. Vokes


Mr. James E. Allen of Alexandria, Louisiana,  a dedicated collector and student of the Eocene faunas of this State recently brought to Tulane University a minute bivalve that he had not been able to identify from the: literature at his disposal. He found the specimen in material collected from a slunmp block of Cook Mountain Formation, (Claibornian), Middle Eocene, on the east bank of the Sabine River, near Columbus, Sabine Parish, Louisiana. The specimen was a left valve of a species of  Nucinella, a genus that the writer had studied in some: detail on an earlier occasion (sec Vokes, 1956) and which has not previously been reported from the lower Tertiary deposits of the Gulf Coastal Plain.

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