Two New Species of Chrysemys (=Pseudemys) From the Florida Pliocene

Francis L. Rose, W. G. Weaver, Jr.


Two new species of fossil Chrysemys (=Pseudemys) were excavated recently from a Pliocene deposit at McGehee Farm, near Newberry, Alachua County, Florida. Chrysemys carri, n. sp., is referrable to the nelsoni-rubriventris group. The other, C. williamsi, n. sp., shares several characters in common with Recent C. floridana, C. concinna, and Mexican and Central American members of the C. scripta ornata complex. The Thomas Farm (Lower Miocene) nuchal elements reported by Williams (1953) are referred to the nelsoni-rubriventris group. We concur with McDowell (1964) in finding no convincing evidence supporting the thesis that Chrysemys and Pseudemys are separate genera.

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