A Re-Evaluation of Fossil Turtles of the Chrysemys Scripta Group

W. G. Weaver, Jr., J. S. Robertson


Fossil turtles previously assigned to Trachemys (=Chrysemys scripta group) by Hay (1908) are re-evaluated in the light of recent fossil discoveries from Florida. Of the nine species of Trachemys listed by Hay, six are placed in synonymy as Chrysemys scripta petrolei, a mid-Pleistocene subspecies. Hay's Trachemys nuchocarinata and T. jarmani are shown to be Terrapene and Deirochelys, respectively. Trachemys hilli is believed to be closer to Chrysemys picta than to C. scripta. Two new fossil species are described from the Pliocene (C. inflata) and Pleistocene (C. platymarginata) of Florida.

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