Cyclococcolithina Wilcoxon Nom. Nov. (Nom. Subst. Pro Cyclococcolithus Kamptner, 1954)

James A. Wilcoxon


The type species of Cyclococcolithus Kamptner, 1954, was originally described by Murray and Blackman, 1898, and placed in the then invalid genus Coccosphaera. The new species was named Coccosphaera leptopora, later to be designated type by Hay, 1966. Kamptner, 1954, erected the new genus Cyclococcolithus but failed to designate a type and included with it Umbilicosphaera mirabilis Lohmann, 1902, which was already the type species of that genus. Kamptners inclusion of the type of another genus in the new genus Cyclococcolithus resulted in the name Cyclococcolithus being nomenclaturally superfluous and, therefore, illegitimate and unavailable for use (I.C.B.N. Art. 63).

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