New Tertiary Calcareous Nannofossils

David Bukry, Stephen F. Percival, Jr.


Stratigraphic studies of Tertiary calcareous nannofossil assemblages from the JOIDES Deep Sea Drilling Project and Blake Plateau cores and from some outcrop localities in North America have indicated many undescribed nannofossil taxa, of which 27 are described here. The new taxa described include: Campylosphaera eodela, Ceratolithina? vesca, Ceratolithus amplificus, Ceratolithus primus, Chiasmolithus altus, Cyclolithella pactilis, Dictyococcites abisectus (n. comb.), Dictyococcites bisectus (n. comb.), Dictyococcites scrippsae, Discoaster bellus, Discoaster mohleri, Discoaster prepentaradiatus, Discoaster variabilis pansus, Discoasteroides bramlettei, Discolithina latoculata, Discolithina segmenta, Ellipsolithus lajollaensis, Fasciculithus magnus, Helicopontosphaera granulata, Lophodolithus acutus, Lophodolithus rotundus, Micrantholithus articulatus, Reticulofenestra samodurovi (n. comb.), Reticulofenestra hillae, Scyphosphaera expansa, Scyphosphaera globulata, Sphenolithus capricornutus, Sphenolithus dissimilis, Syracosphaera? wechesensis, and Vermiculithina arca.

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