Cerithiidae and Potamididae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the Chipola Formation of Northwestern Florida

Shirley E. Hoerle


This report covers 21 members of the families CERITHIIDAE and POTAMIDIDAE from the Chipola Formation, late lower Miocene, from northwestern Florida. Nine of Dall's species are reviewed; of these five have the generic assignment changed and one is placed in synonymy. Twelve species are added to the fauna of the Chipola Formation, two having been previously reported from elsewhere: Terebralia dentilabris (Gabb) and Potamides suprasulcatus (Gabb) from Santo Domingo. Ten species are new: Cerithium peregrinum, Cerithium vokesorum, Hemicerithium craticulum, Hemicerithium pagodum, Hemicerithium akriton, Tenuicerithium absonum, Tenuicerithium ascensum, Cerithiopsis inopinus, Bittium serenum, and Alabina turbatrix.

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