New Mid-Tertiary Spores and Pollen Grains From Mississippi and Alabama

Norman O. Frederiksen


Twenty-two new species of spores and pollen grains are described from upper middle Eocene, upper Eocene, and lower Oligocene strata of Mississippi and western Alabama. The species are assigned to three modern and 18 fossil genera. All the species but one range at least from the base to the top of the Yazoo Clay (upper Eocene), and 14 of them range at least from the middle Eocene to the lower Oligocene. Betulaceoipollenites Potonie and Navisulcites Anderson are considered, respectively, to be junior synonyms of Trivestibulopollenites Pflug and Monosulcites Couper. Echiperiporites van der Hammen and Wymstra is emended to include stephanoporate forms.

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