Cenozoic Muricidae of the Western Atlantic Region Part XI - The Subfamily Ergalataxinae

Emily H. Vokes


The muricid subfamily Ergalataxinae has only recently been recognized to comprise a small number of primarily IndoPacific genera and species, which have been placed in a variety of subfamilies over the years.  In the western Atlantic the group is poorly represented with but six species in all.  One, assigned to the genus Cytharomorula, is a relatively deep-water form known only from the Recent fauna. Three species are assigned to the genus Trachypollia.  Of these, one occurs in the Oak Grove Sand, the Shoal River Formation, and (?) the Gatun Formation; one is from the Cercado, (?)Caloosahatchee, Bowden, Moin, and Bermont formations and the Recent fauna;  and one is found only in the Recent fauna.  Two species are assigned to the genus Lindapterys, one from the Miocene Chipola Formation and one from the Pleistocene Moin Formation and the Recent fauna.


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