Notes on the Fauna of the Chipola Formation-XVI on the Color Pattern of Globularia Fischeri (Mollusca: Gastropoda)

Emily H. Vokes


The large inflated naticoid gastropod named Ampullina fischeri by Dall (1892, p. 374) is a moderately common species throughout the Chipola Formation, occurring at almost every Tulane locality on the Chipola River, Ten Mile Creek, and Farley Creek. Such widespread distribution is rare among the Chipola species for more often than not there is a pronounced paleoecological influence apparent in the distribution of a species. This is not the case with Globularia fischeri, which seems equally common in the limy facies of the lower parts of the formation (e.g., localities 546 & 830), the sandy "beach-like" parts (459 & 548), the coral-reef facies (458, 547, & 555) and the silty upper beds of Ten Mile Creek (70 & 655).

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