Age of Pinecrest Beds, South Florida

W. H. Akers


The "Pinecrest beds" were first described by Olsson and Petit (1964, p. 516 ), who dated them as " late Miocene or Pliocene in age." Hunter (1968) assigned the Pinecrest Sand, the Ochopee Limestone, and the Buckingham Limestone to the upper part of the Tamiami Formation and proposed the correlation of the Tamiami Formation with the Jackson Bluff Formation of northern Florida, the Duplin Marl of South and North Carolina, and the Yorktown Formation of Virginia. Weisbord (1972, p. 60) published a section of the Pinecrest Formation in the Warren Brothers Pits at Sarasota, Florida, as measured and described by Harbans Puri.

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