Notes on the Fauna of the Chipola Formation- XXXIX A New Species of the Genus Parametaria (Gastropoda:Columbellidae)

Gary W Schmelz


Not a great deal appears to be known about the genus Parametaria Dall, 1916. According to Jung (1994, p. 16) this genus has never been studied in detail. Reeve (1859) was the first investigator to describe these cone-like gastropods in his monograph on the genus Meta. In his presentation he noted that the members of this genus possess external morphological features that are intermediate in character between Swainson's two genera Stromboidea and Conella. In a subsequent study of the American Columbellidae, Dall (1916, p. 25) noted that the generic name Meta is preoccupied and proposed that it be replaced with Parametaria.

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