A New Species of Enaeta (Gastropoda:Volutidae) From The Mio-Pliocene of Northwestern Ecuador

William D Pitt, Lois J Pitt


Two species of Enaeta occur in the Recent fauna of the Tropical East Pacific: E. cumingii (Broderip, 1832), and E. barnesii (Gray, 1825). The fossil record from the Tropical East Pacific is represented by E. barnesii from the Pleistocene of Panama, and a new species, E. propecumingii from the Miocene Angostura Formation and the Pliocene Esmeraldas beds, Onzole Formation, of northwestern Ecuador. The occurrence of E. propecumingii in the Angostura Formation is the oldest known fossil record of the genus Enaeta in the Tropical East Pacific.

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