Paleontological Notes: Status of the Cretaceous Planktonic Foraminiferal Genera Anaticinella and Pseudoticinella

Drew Haman


The planktonic foraminiferal genus Pseudoticinella was recently described by Longoria (1973) with Globorotalia? multiloculata Morrow, 1934, selected as type species.  Prior to the designation of this taxon as Pseudoticinella multiloculata (Morrow) by Longoria in 1973 the species has been assigned to other genera by various authors.  Some of these generic assignments were to Globorotalia? by Morrow (1934);  Rugoglobigerina, by Bermudez ( 19 52); Thalmanninella by Bronnimann and Brown (1955); and Ticinella by Eicher and Worstell ( 1970 ). Longoria ( 1973) stated that Pseudoticinella could be differentiated generically from Ticinella by possessing an imperforate peripheral band and an umbilical cover plate, and from Thalmanninella by lacking a keel.

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