Notes on Cancellariidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) - III

Richard E. Petit


This paper is the third in a series devoted to the gastropod family Cancellariidae. In this paper seven new species are described and illustrated. Of the new taxa, two are from the Tertiary of Panama, one from the Tertiary of Virginia. One Recent species is from the Galapagos Islands, one is from West Africa, and two are from the tropical western Atlantic. Agatrix epomis (Woodring, 1928), originally described from the Bowden Formation of Jamaica, is reported from the Recent fauna of Venezuela. A possible deep-water form of the shallow water species Cancellaria reticulata (Linne, 1767) is illustrated and discussed. The taxon Voluta cancellata Linne, 1767, is also discussed. In addition, Cancellaria dalli Bartsch, 1915, is shown to be a synonym of Trigonostoma bullatum (Sowerby, 1832), and there is a short discussion of the genus Admetula and its distinction from Agatrix.

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