Cenozoic Muricidae of the Western Atlantic Region Part VII - Calotrophon and Attiliosa

Emily H. Vokes


The two small genus-groups of Calotrophon Hertlein and Strong and Attiliosa Emerson are shown to be recently derived lines, presumed to come from a Poirieria (Panamurex) ancestor sometime during the Miocene. As emerging groups both demonstrate an amount of specific variability unusual in the Muricinae. There are only six species in Calotrophon: one from the eastern Pacific (the type) and five western Atlantic, of which two are described herein. These are C. ascensus, n. sp., from the Pleistocene of Costa Rica, and C. andrewsi, n. sp., from the Recent fauna of Yucatan and south Florida. There are but five species of Attiliosa, three western Atlantic and two eastern Pacific. All of the western Atlantic species are treated systematically.

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