A New Species of Mansfieldella (Gastropoda: Olividae: Olivellinae) from the Pleistocene Bermont Formation of Southern Florida

B.M. Landau


Mansfieldella, an olivelline gastropod genus, was erected by Olsson and Harbison (1953, p. 188). It is distinguished from other genera within the Olivellinae by a heavily developed parietal callus, which spreads thickly over the surface of the spire-whorls covering the sutures except the final half of the last whorl, and a strongly lirate pillar structure in which the anterior and posterior lirations are enlarged and tooth-like. Until now the genus included a single species, Oliuella (Mansfieldella) pugilis, described by the authors in the same work. Mansfieldella pugilis, a relatively common and distinctive shell, was originally described from the Pliocene of St. Petersburg and is common in the Pliocene Pinecrest Beds at Sarasota, Florida.

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