Cribrolenticulina, A New Genus of the Family Nodosariidae Ehrenberg

Drew Haman


Specimens related to the Lenticulina Lamarck, 1804, - Saracenaria Defrance in de Blainville, 1824, - Vaginulinopsis Silvestri, 1904, morphologic plexus but which possess distinctive cribrate apertures are recorded from Pliocene strata (Zones N.18-N.21) in a well located on the Texas continental shelf. These specimens represent a new genus of the family Nodosariidae Ehrenberg, 1838, herein designated Cribrolenticulina. A new species Cribrolenticulina akersi is described and designated as the genotype. Morphologic variation and taxonomic affinities of the new genus are discussed. Apertural modifications, both chemical and mechanical are described.

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