Paleontological Note: Bolivina (Brizalina) Hamani, A New Name for Bolivina Mexicana Cushman, 1926 Non Cushman, 1922 (Foraminiferida)

Kenneth L. Finger


Cushman (1926, p. 811 erected Bolivina mexicana on specimens from the lower Oligocene Alazan clays of Veracruz, Mexico.  Earlier Cushman (1922, p. 47) had named Bolivna subaenariensis var. mexicana for Recent specimens collected in the northern Gulf of Mexico.  According to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, Art. 45(e). a vertical designation made prior to 1961 is ''not to be interpreted as an express statement of either subspecific or infrasubspecific rank."  As a result, Cushman's Oligocene species” was not considered a primary junior homonym (as defined by ICZN Art. 57) until Parker (1954) promoted the Recent "variety" to subspecies rank. Subsequent Gulf of Mexico workers either have retained this subspecific ranking (e.g., Bandy, 1956; Akers and Dorman, 1964; Pflum and Frerichs, 1976) or elevated it to species level (e.g., Andersen, 1961).

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