Voorthuyseniella (Microproblematica) From the Subsurface Early Neogene of the Louisiana Continental Shelf

D. Haman, J.R. Bailey


Representatives of the genus Voorthuyseniella Szczechura (1969) were discovered in ditch-cutting samples obtained from a well drilled in a nearshore East Cameron location on the Louisiana continental shelf. The section penetrated was the Lenticulina macamberi interval (=Robulus 43 interval of Gulf Coast terminology sensu Skinner and Steinkraus, 1972). The interval may be equated with the planktic foraminiferal zone N8 (Blow, 1969) of early Miocene age. One Voorthuyseniella specimen was obtained from each of three samples in the 500 foot section examined. This report documents for the first time the Miocene occurrence of this problematic genus from the Gulf Coast area.

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