New Species of Mollusca From the Enterriense Formation (Upper Miocene) Of Chubut Province, Argentina and Species Not Previously Reported From This Formation Part I- Gastropoda and Scaphoda

Rodolfo F.J. Brunet


* Article in English and Spanish versions

The present work comprises the description and systematics of the Gastropoda and Scaphopoda obtained from the upper levels of the Entrerriense Formation, outcropping in Puerto Madryn and the Valdes Peninsula (Chubut Province, Argentina). Described and illustrated are 66 species of which 51 are new to the fauna, especially the Scaphopoda, a Class which previously has not had species described from here. This faunalistic association is tentatively assigned to the early Late Miocene, as revealed by the presence of typical warm water genera, with notable generic affinities to the Panamanian, Caribbean, and Neozelandic Bioprovinces, associated with paleoaustral and cosmopolitian genera.

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