A Revision of the Terebrid Gastropods of the Mare Formation, Cabo Blanco, Venezuela

J. Gibson-Smith, W. Gibson-Smith


Three taxa from the late Pliocene Mare Formation, Venezuela, are considered. Strioterebrum trispiralis (Weisbord, 1962) is made a synonym of S. quadrispiralis (Weisbord, 1962) and the form assigned by Weisbord (1962) to Terebra (Strioterebrum) gatunensis kugleri Rutsch, 1934, from the early Pliocene Punta Gavilan Formation, Venezuela, later reassigned by Woodring (1964) to S. dislocatum (Say), is described as a new species: S. weisbordi. Both S quadrispiralis and S. weisbordi survive in Venezuelan waters. Finally, a new species is described from the Venezuelan Recent S.angelli.

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