Balanoid Barnacles from the Early Miocene Parachucla and Penney Farms Formations, Northern Florida

Victor A. Zullo, Roger W. Portell


Balanus  reflexus n. sp., geologically the earliest member of the B. amphitrite Darwin complex in the New World, Cuncavus crassostricula Zullo, a species originally described from the early Miocene (Aquitanian) of North Carolina, and "Solidobalanus” sp. indet., apparently related to the middle Eocene through early Oligocene "Solidobalanus" antiquus (Meyer-) complex of the Gulf Coastal Plain, occur in the early Miocene (Aquitanian) Parachucla and laterally equivalent Penney Farms Formations in Columbia and Hamilton Counties, northern Florida. These species, together with Actinabalanus .f7oridanus Zullo and Perreault from the late early Miocene (Burdigalian) Chi pol a Formation of the Florida Panhandle, and Balanus humilus Conrad, a nomen dubium purportedly from the Tampa Limestone and Hawthorne Formation, comprise the known Miocene cirriped fauna of Florida.

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