Evaluation of the Foraminiferal Genera Conglobatoides and Conglophragmium

D. Haman, R. W. Huddleston


Saidova (1981), in her systematic review of Cainozoic benthic foraminifera, established the genus Conglobatoides with Trochammina conglobata Brady, 1884, as type species. The same species had, however, been earlier selected by Bermudez and Rivero (1963) as the type species for their new genus Conglophragmium. The species Trochammina conglobata Brady, 1884, should be retained in the genus Conglophragmium Bermudez and Rivero (ICZN Art. 67e) and the genus Conglobatoides Saidova recognized as a junior objective synonym of Conglophragmium Bermudez and Rivero (ICZN Art. 61b). We thank W. H. Akers for reading this note, S. Kirsch and K. L. Finger for technical assistance, and Chevron Oil Field Research Company for publication permission.

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