Genera of the Bivalvia: a Systematic and Bibliographic Catalogue -addenda and Errata

Harold E. Vokes


In the early 1950's the writer prepared a mimeographed bibliographic list of the genera of the Bivalvia as an aid to those engaged in the preparation of that section of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology. This list proved to be of such interest that in 1967, at the suggestion of the late Katherine V. W. Palmer, it was published in the Bulletins of American Paleontology (Vol. 51, No. 232). As a supplement to the Treatise (Vols. N 1-3), it rapidly became out-of-print. A revised and updated version issued by the Paleontological Research Institution in 1980 has also proved to be a popular tool for students of the Bivalvia.

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