A New Species of Eupleura (Gastropoda:Muricidae) From the Gatun Formation, Panama

Emily H. Vokes


In the process of determining the identity of the species cited by Olsson (1964, p. 139) as "Eupleura thompsoni Woodring subspecies," from the Angostura Formation of northwestern Ecuador, it became obvious that there are two species of Eupleura in the Gatun beds of Panama. One of these is the species named Eupleura thompsoni Woodring, 1959, and compared by him to the living E. muriciformis (Broderip, 1833). However, the similarity is much greater to the more spinose and long-canaled E. pectinata (Hinds 1844), which is found on the west coast of tropical America, from Mexico to Panama.

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