Review of Actinobalanus Moroni (Cirrtpedia, Archaeobalanidae), With the Description of New Miocene Species From Florida and Belgium

Victor A. Zullo, Ray T. Perreault


The geologic range of Actinobalcmus Moroni is extended back to the lower Miocene with the discovery of two new species: A. collinsi from the Berchem Formation of Belgium, and A. floridanus from the Chipola Formation of Florida. The Chipola species is the first record for the genus outside of western Europe. Of the seven species previously included in Actinobalanus, only three, the type species A. actinomorphus (Moroni) from the Pliocene and lower Pleistocene of Italy and Sicily, A. bisulcatus (Darwin) from the Pliocene of western Europe and A. dolosus (Darwin) from the Pleistocene of England are retained in the genus. Balanus pantanelli Alessandri and B. stellaris (Brocchi) are returned to the genus Balanus Da Costa. Balanus inclusus Darwin and Actinobalanus darraghi Buckeridge are tentatively assigned to Conopea Say.

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