Further Notes on Eudolium (Galeodolium) Subfasctatum

J. Gibson Smith


The recent publication by Vokes (19861 on the identification of a species from the Chipola Formation, of northwestern Florida, as Eudolium (Galeodolium) subfasciatum Sacco, 1890, prompted a reexamination of material we had previously (1979. p. 22) identified as Semicassis (Echinophoria) aff. tostoma Woodring. The latter was described by Woodring (1973, p. 4 76, pl. 71. figs. 9, 12-1 41) from internal molds, said to be "abundant in the La Boca Formation at the type locality (30 specimens)," which is the Las Cascadas reach, Canal Zone, Panama.

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