On a Redundant Generic Assignment of Textularia floridana Cushman, 1922

Drew Haman


Textularia floridana was first described from shallow waters off Florida (Cushman, 1922). Since that time the species has been documented from widespread areas of the world (Halicz and Reiss, 1979). Cushman's assignment of this species to the genus Textularia Defrance in de Blainville, 1824, has not been accepted by a number of students. For example, Phleger and Parker (1951) assigned their Gulf of Mexico individuals to the genus Spiroplectammina Cushman, 1927, and Hofker (1969) placed his Barbados specimens in the genus Septigerina Keijzer, 1941. This latter designation immediately extended the range of the Eocene genus Septigerina Keijzer, to the Modern.

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