Notes on the Fauna of the Chipola Formation- XXIX: A New Species of Panopea (Mollusca: Bivalia)

Harold E. Vokes


Dall (1898, p. 829) reported the presence of Panopea Menard in the fauna of the "Oligocene ... of the Chipola River and Oak Grove ... Florida," identifying the species as "Panopea Whitfieldi,” a new name for "Panopea Goldfussii Whitfield" 1895, non Wagner, 1838. He repeated the citation as to the distribution in 1915 (p. 156, pl. 18, fig. 13) spelling the generic name Panope (see discussion below). Subsequently Gardner (1928, p. 237, pl. 36, figs. 11, 12) described the Oak Grove form as Panope parawhitfieldi, noting: "The Chipola species is apparently distinct from the Oak Grove, differing in the more produced and attenuated posterior extremity. The material is too fragmentary to name.”

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