Fresh and Brackish Water Ostracoda From the Neogene of Northern Venezuela

W. A. Van den Bold


Twenty-four species of ostracodes are recorded from the Siquire, Tuy and Cumaca formations of the State of Miranda and from the Guiria Formation of the State of Sucre. Three new species are described: Cytheridea? purperae. Callistocythere? macsotayi and Xestoleberis bermudezi. The lower Siquire Formation is correlated with the lowermost unit (Unit J) of the Guiria Formation and with the Caparo clay member of the Talparo Formation of Trinidad (Pliocene). The upper Siquire Formation is correlated with the upper Talparo Formation, and the Tuy Formation and Unit E of the Guiria Formation are tentatively assigned to the Pleistocene.

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