Karreriella Obturaculoides, a New Agglutinated Benthic Foraminiferal Species

R. Timothy Patterson


In Quaternary samples from the Rio Grande Rise in the southwest Atlantic Ocean, a benthic agglutinated foraminiferal species occurs that has also been observed in other medium to deep-water Atlantic (Cushman, 1922), Gulf of Mexico (Flint, 1897), Indian Ocean (Boltovskoy, 1978) and Pacific (Taylor, in preparation) localities. It has been variously referred to Gaudryina filiformis Berthelin, G. pseudofiliformis Cushman and G. bradyi Cushman. However, a careful examination of type illustrations indicates no affinity of the present specimens to these. or any other described species. Thus. a new species is required to accommodate these specimens.

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